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Porsche Modifications

Porsche Modifications

Unlike most Porsche owners who like to stick to stock, street racers look for every opportunity to upgrade their ride. Visual upgrades may or may not be important for a racer, but performance surely takes up a very vital spot. If you are looking for suitable upgrades to your ride, you might consider upgrading a few components that we are mentioning here in this article, for best results.

Aftermarket ECU: Your engine’s calibration is stored in the Engine Control Unit, better known as the ECU. It is the brain behind the performance and is responsible for the air, fuel mixture reaching the piston, controlling the rate of flow, pressure and temperature. It informs the engine when to start producing power and to stop at certain points. It consists of a computer chip dedicated to control your engine’s every function.

Engine Upgrades: The engine block comes next and is the actual heart and soul behind a ride. Some people are usually not content with what Porsche has on offer and look for an upgraded ride. What most people fail to grasp is, the limit till which modifications are possible. Once you skip this limit, your vehicle runs the risk of breaking apart, quite literally! Follow your engine manufacturer’s calibration specifications and replace parts accordingly.

Porsche Exhaust Kit: Porsche exhaust comes next, playing an important part in both performance and general aesthetics. Its performance aspect is controlling air flow to the engine, which in turn helps the turbo charger perform more efficiently. It builds up a strong engine note, which plays a significant role in developing a Porsche’s aesthetic value. You might want to spend some time deciding on a muffler, though, as it is the only visible part of the entire exhaust kit!

Fuel Injector Setup: Fuel injected engines have a range of advantages over carbureted ones, even though they are not as long lasting or cheap as their carbureted cousins. Porsche, however, has no carburete alternative. Hence, you will have to bear the extra cost and get the injectors replaced, if you plan on getting an upgraded engine, ECU, turbochargers, etc. Spending a few extra bucks here, might spare you the cost of a new engine.

Customized Suspension: Your car rides on four wheels, each mounted independently on suspension springs. Hence, no matter how great your engine is, your  Porsche  will not travel fast, if the power does not reach its wheels. The suspension ensures that the wheels are ready to take on additional power and convert it into speed. A stiff suspension also enhances handling, helping you maintain steady control over your Porsche, at all times.

Turbo Charger: A turbo charger, as we all know, forms a major part of an engine block. Capable of enhancing power displacement, while reducing fuel consumption, it is a miracle device and the perfect addition to your Porsche’s engine block. Most vehicles from Porsche, has a built in turbo charger from the company itself. However, like all aftermarket units, a modification kit is larger and capable of doing the same things, in a larger scale.

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